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Playin’ Possum


A Wholesome, Trashy Game for Friends and Family Can you guess what the other players are thinking, or will they outguess you? Playin? Possum is a wholesome, trashy game for your friends and family. You can choose to accuse the other players of snatching garbage, and if you?re right they?re out of the game. But if you?re wrong, you?re the one who?s been dumped! It?s a fast, fun card game you can?t . . . refuse! Ages 8+, 2-10 Players, 10 min Lots of social interaction?it?s like a 10-player version of Rock, Paper, Scissors (but it?s fun for just a couple of players too) Sturdy plastic trashcan serves as a storage bin A fast, fun, easy-to-learn game for family and friends

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