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DOTS Starlight Bracelets


Features 2 slim, adjustable bands and 32 tiles, to let kids creatively express themselves as part of shared fun with their Best Friends The 7 in./20 cm long bands with opalescent star-inspired and star-map-decorated tiles to build, wear & share are a great friendship gift idea Kids' bracelet making kits let them practise their creations and then wear their favourite version - they will never get bored These clever Arts and Crafts for kids bracelets encourage open-ended design possibilities to help build children?s creativity and confidence Kids can add tiles from other LEGO DOTS Extra DOTS packs with Surprise Charms: Series 1 (41908), Series 2 (41916) and Series 3 (41921) LEGO DOTS creative activities for kids make a great any time friendship gift idea or the best birthday presents or Christmas gifts

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