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Crayola Storage Tip, Small, Violet


The "Crayola? Storage Tips are part of a product range inspired by the iconic Crayola Crayons. The lid/tip is easy removable making the storage container perfect for children toys, drawing tools and keepsakers. The storage tips are availiable in a range of crayon colours and "Tip character designs making them a fun and practical feature in the children's room. The storage tips are avaliable in six Crayola crayon colors and a mix each color with its own unique Tip character design. Category Description for Crayola Storage Tips: These Crayola crayon character storage containers are so practical and funplus they look just like the tip of a crayon! Keep toys, art supplies, or keepsakes inside and easily access them by pulling off the top lid. Choose from six colors, each with a different funny face) and two sizes. Large measures 5.5" x 11.9". Small measures 4" x 7.9". Category Description for Crayola Storage Containers: What could be more fun than crayon themed organizers? These organizers are so practical, while being totally adorable. Choose from crayon tip storage containers, round storage bins and divided organizers. Available in 6 colors.

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