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Dressed Up Stuffed Animal Lucky Doggy: Maxx the Bulldog - Super Style


Choice of clothes. The biggest difference and advantage is, of course, their amazing dresses. All the outfits' elements are removable. Choose between beautiful dresses and casual clothes, fitness suits, and pajamas! Magnets in paws. Due to the magnets in their paws, they can hold each other's hands or a small metallic object. The joint in the neck. The special joint in the neck widens playing opportunities and makes the game more exciting. Due to it Lucky Doggy can move its head to any side and look at her friends Ideal size (37 cm). Plush dog's size is big enough to hug and sleep with it, but at the same time good enough to fit it into a backpack and take with yourself on a trip or just a picnic or a walk. Let your doggy friend be always with you! ) A nice bonus - wardrobe with hangers. Together with the toy there comes a nice clothes rack for the future collections of beautiful outfits. Since it is not easy to choose between them, why not collect them all!? And children love to collect things. Especially if they are so cool as Lucky Doggy. Now you don't have to think about what to buy as a birthday or Christmas present!

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