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Fleks Green


THE ORIGINAL MAGNETIC SILICONE DESK TOY: Bendy silicone meets rare earth magnets in this perfectly formed, 8 piece party for your fingers. If you need to add a little fun to your desk, some flexibility in your routine or some wiggle for your workplace; we made Fleks for you! SATISFACTION THROUGH INTERACTION: Fully flexible, super snappable, perfectly pliable and preposterously playable - Fleks are guaranteed to be what your fidgety fingers need. Soft but tough and smooth to the touch, every piece is designed for maximum satisfaction. FIDGET THROUGH THOUGHTS OR PLAY THROUGH PROBLEMS: snap ?em together, pull ?em apart, twist one around another or boop them on the base. Flex your fingers and your brain for playful problem solving. 100+ COMBINATIONS AND COUNTING: Express yourself through supple silicone shapes - it?s a new office art form! Set up a scene, turn your desk into a zen garden, arrange and rearrange to bring a personal touch to your table. AGES 14+: Keep away from all children.

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